Selecting The Perfect Bathroom Vanity: A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting The Perfect Bathroom Vanity: A Comprehensive Guide

Your bathroom vanity is not just a sink cabinet; it’s the centerpiece of your bathroom, the place where your morning routine starts, and your sanctuary for relaxation at the end of the day. When we try to add beauty and attraction to the house; bathroom vanity plays an important role.

You can transform your bathroom from functional to style statement by installing floor-mounted, floating and curved vanities

From the multitude of vanity sizes to the endless selection of cabinet finishes, making the right decision can seem like a daunting task. Hence, we came up with this comprehensive guide!

This guide will take you on a journey through the world of bathroom vanities, helping you navigate the countless styles, options, and letting you know “How to Select a Bathroom Vanity”.

1. Analyzing Regular Users of the Bathroom

When embarking on the quest for the ideal bathroom vanity, it’s essential to begin by considering who will be using the bathroom regularly. Surprisingly, many people overlook this crucial factor. The number of users significantly impacts the choice of vanity.

Bathroom for Family: When talking about large families, it is known that there is a constant need for sufficient space for bathroom supplies, and when kids are involved. In such cases, opting for a compact 600mm wide vanity simply won’t suffice. Consider larger vanities designed to accommodate the needs of a bustling household.

Powder Rooms and Small Bathrooms: In contrast, when designing a powder room or a smaller bathroom with less frequent use, a smaller vanity can be not only acceptable but recommended. It makes efficient use of the available space without overwhelming it.

Optimal Storage: Regardless of the bathroom’s size, if space permits, it’s wise to opt for a vanity with generous storage capacity. After all, you can never have too much storage in a bathroom.
Expert Insight: “It’s imperative to define the primary users of the space and the number of individuals involved. For couples, a double bowl configuration might be the way to go. In a family bathroom, consider options like a twin or floor-mounted vanity to maximize storage.

2. Carefully Consider Placement

Here are some key considerations:

Prominence Matters: Ideally, your vanity should be placed in a prominent location within the bathroom, immediately visible upon entering the space. There’s little sense in investing in a beautiful vanity if it’s hidden away in a corner or concealed behind a door where it can’t be appreciated.

Functional Accessibility: The functionality of the space should also be taken into account when determining the vanity’s placement. If you’re not planning to relocate plumbing fixtures, you’ll need to keep the vanity in the same position as your existing one. Ensure that the surrounding areas are easily accessible for cleaning purposes, and be mindful of the bathroom door’s swing to prevent any collision with the vanity.

3. Basin Selection: Top-Mounted or Under-Counter?

Here are some basin considerations:

Top-Mounted Basin: This type of basin sits above the bench, creating a distinct design statement. 

Under-Counter Basin: In contrast, an under-counter basin is mounted beneath the benchtop.

Integrated Basin: Another option worth exploring is a molded benchtop with an integrated basin. When ordering your vanity, remember to specify the type of basin you prefer, as it can also affect the vanity’s height.

 4. Floor-Mounted Vs. Floating Vanities

The decision between a floor-mounted and a floating vanity should be influenced by your bathroom’s size and storage requirements:

Floating Vanities: These are an excellent choice for tight or small bathrooms as they create the illusion of a larger space. However, keep in mind that floating vanities may provide less storage space.

Floor-Mounted Vanities: If ample storage is a priority, especially in larger bathrooms, floor-mounted vanities offer maximum storage capacity.


In the world of bathroom vanities, you’ll find an abundance of configuration and color options suitable for any bathroom size and style. Whether your bathroom is a grand, luxurious space or a charming, petite retreat, you’re sure to discover a bathroom vanity that perfectly aligns with your spatial and functional needs.