What is so special about our vanities?

  • All our vanities are made in house in our Sydney warehouse using Satin MDF Polyurethane or Laminex doors, with water resistant internals.
  • Drawers are by Grass Nova Pro Scala.
  • Benchtops and basins are 12mm Corian® (see below for more information).
  • All our handles are supplied by Lo & Co Interiors

Why use Corian?

  • About Corian®: Whether working hard on an easy-care benchtop or enduring as a decorative wall design, corian® is the embodiment of grace under pressure. Welcoming shape, pattern, light and technology, this high-tech surface is comfortable in all kinds of environments, interior or exterior, humid or dry, hygiene-critical or high-traffic.
  • Seamless Joins: Imagine never having to worry about a join position in your kitchen or bathroom surface! Corian® can be joined together seamlessly to create a one piece homogenous look.
  • Never Permanently Stain Your Corian®: benchtop is there to be used and admired. Unlike many other benchtop surfaces, Corian® is non porous. Everyday substances that can permanently stain and mark other surfaces can be used on Corian® with confidence.
  • Formable Corian®: can be formed to any shape with seamless joins offering you inspired designs in the home.
  • Translucent: The translucency of Corian® is especially striking in the lighter colours as well as thinner sheets. Many designers are now using the material to create lighting effects within the home.
  • Repairable: Accidental damage can usually be repaired on site without having to completely replace the benchtop.
  • Quartz and Crystalline Silica Free Corian®: Solid Surface is made from 2/3rds natural minerals (bauxite) and 1/3 acrylic binder. Corian® Solid Surface is 100% Quartz and Silica Free, meaning it can be safely cut on site if required and installed with seamless joins.
  • 10 Year Warranty Corian®: is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty when fabrication and installation are performed by a Certified Fabricator Installer.

See below for a summary of all our options for our vanities range. Note: images may not be a true representation of the colour. Please order samples to confirm.