Curved Vanities

Curved Vanities

Curved vanities are always the first noticeable items when you step into any room most especially a bathroom and that’s why many designers begin to design bathrooms starting from the vanity.

It is the most important part of any bathroom in terms of design not only because of the class it brings to the bathroom but also the important features that come with them.

In Australia, curves are the biggest trend and it’s because of the wow factor it brings, so we are going to talk about a few reasons why curved vanities are a must-have.

Curved vanities

  • It looks amazing: Curved vanities are the centre-piece of every beautiful bathroom, with their unique detail and appealing look, it easily captivates the attention of people and introduces them to your bathroom setting. 
  • Attention to detail: Curved vanities can be custom-made and can be made to fit the colour of the floor and walls of the bathroom and new designs can be drawn up based on individual tastes and wants. They can also be made to have interior designs with spaces for keeping items while still maintaining their class.
  • Modern look: Curved vanities gives a room a modern feel and add a touch of exclusivity to any given bathroom. It makes a bathroom stand out and gives it a modern look while leaving you feeling like royalty. 

It’s always best practice that Curved vanity is made to blend into the surroundings, so there should be a level of class around the vanity and also matching colours and flawless patterns. 
Let’s talk about some of these matching colours and patterns 

  • Marble: Marble has been in use for years now and the evolution has been resounding in that its designs keep on making a statement as being unavoidable in any modern design of any sort. Even though marble cannot be used to make vanity, it can be used for the floors, also they can be used for the countertop of the vanity or they can be used for the backsplash of the vanity. Vanity made with natural wood can be paired with the grey or ash colour of marble.  
Curved vanities for Bathroom

  • Colours: warm colours are the best colours for vanity and there is still a debate ongoing that natural wood colour is the best. 
    The natural wood colour is also warm too, it adds a dual feel of nature and simplicity, and it’s no wonder it is regarded as the best colour for vanity. White with a tint of grey or yellow which is commonly called “Off White” is also a colour highly utilised because it gives the feeling of comfort and calmness. In general, warm colours are appealing to the eyes and do not have a shouty or noisy effect like some other colours, for example, red or blue. 

In fact, primary colours are a total turn-off when it comes to selecting colours for curved vanities.

  • Gold: I decided to talk about gold especially, you might want to ask why? Oh well, the simple answer is, it’s gold!
    If you decide you want to go the extra mile and take elegance to its peak, then gold is the solution. Adding some gold to your vanity with some beautiful fixtures is the way to go. Pairing up gold with black makes the colour emanate and glow. Gold is a colour that can show affluence even in the rarest of places like the bathroom.
  • Flawless and clean designs: In making curved vanity, every detail is of utmost importance. The lines drawn must be straight, classy and sleek not forgetting to make it simple. Light woods in a flat front cabinet design are also a great choice for a clean design. Irrespective of the material used or designs implemented, vanities must maintain a high level of flawlessness in the design and unrealistic designs should be avoided altogether.
Curved vanities

  • Statement Walls: The walls around your vanity should never be left out, the walls need to be made to blend with your vanity in terms of colour and class. Marbles can be used for the walls and warm colours should be considered or just classy tiles can do the trick. Nicely designed wallpapers can also be used but they should be done with moderation and perfectly fitted colours. 

Curved vanities have made a resounding statement since its trend started and they will keep evolving and breaking more barriers. Its class and elegance have set it on a very fast track and it’s not looking like it will stop until every household owns a curved vanity furniture.